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late 20 year old l male trying to make sence of the world

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I'm male born and raised in Georgia. I'm currently helping to raise my 3 nephews one 7 year old and 4 year old twins Read that as HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! No seriously I think the twins are trying to kill me.

I'm against organized religion I believe faith should be a self taught thing. That letting someone else tell you what "God" or "the Gods" want is foolish. They don't know any more then you do.

Our political system is broken in favor of corporations and we are on the road to an oligarchy rule. Too many are blinded by partisan politics to see this.

The grand Reagan Experiment has failed period. The longer we take to undo said experiment the worst our country will get.

I'm more then willing to see both sides of an issue. On the other hand unlike many I'm not going to accept a side that has nothing, and is simply trying to scare others or using false filled propaganda.

Last but not least I'm a gamer from Atari to the current next gen platforms.